Signing Under Duress

Q. Last week, my caseworker came with a long list of things "I HAVE TO DO"

A. I would not sign anything.  Take the list with a smile on your face and act dumb.

Does the case worker have long term parental experience?  Can you assess and review that persons parenting skills to see if they are superior to yours?  If not, why not?  Why should you do something that violates your freedoms to chose how you wish to safely raise your children when the person suggesting these things has no practical experience?

Q. I try to disagree with them, they say "Do it or we'll get a court order and take your kids"  even this document says I will be court ordered to do everything they say if I don't co operate.

A. Then fine, Say "Under Duress I will comply with your demand."  And then sign the document:

Under Duress, Threat, and Coercion
Print Name

ALWAYS ALWAYS say "Under Duress" FIRST.

Get into the habit of saying it so that's the first thing you ALWAYS say and it becomes your MO.

Q. Ok, they SAY, verbally, do it or we will take the kids. But, they have written, do it or you will be court ordered.  Go by what the written document says

A. That's the next point, ask them to write on the document "You PARENT NAME are required to do the following BLAHS or we will be required to remove your child."

You can always add after your signature the words "I was told by the co-signatories to this agreement that if I did not comply to the agreement they would take my child" Although that's already implied by the words "Under Duress"

Don't say anything about why you wrote the words UNDER DURESS because they aren't likely to know the legal meaning.

<from an email exchange>