Teach young couples what awaits them if they become 
parents- There is a CPS bureaucracy to be wise to, and be prepared to FIGHT BEFORE CPS ATTACKS THEM

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At American Family Rights, we try to make you
smarter about Children's "Protective" "Services"

What you don't know can hurt youBecause What you DON'T Know- CAN HURT YOU.

Maybe you don't know that these people have no clue about Constitutional Rights.


Maybe you don't know that whatever they accuse you of becomes a fact, and CPS agents will lie like a rug to crucify you.

Maybe you don't know that 85% of all child abuse reports are unfounded and it's YOUR JOB to prove your innocence.

Maybe you don't know that there is little chance of them giving you a lawyer, and there's very little chance a court-appointed will do any sort of VIGOROUS DEFENSE on your behalf.

The more you know, the better you can plan for what's ahead.

Child Abuse and Neglect types and issues are defined here

The Child Abuse Laws Which Could Destroy Your Reputation
By Dr. Mercola February 5, 2011

CPS False Allegations of Child Abuse
By Erika Lyn Smith- BellaOnline's Child Abuse Editor
Content copyright 2013 by Erika Lyn Smith. All rights reserved.

"The reputation of the adult falsely accused may never fully recover from the accusations made. In fact, it may affect his or her current or future employment, even ending a career. Next, consider what happens to the child when a false report of child abuse occurs...."

NEW! More Moms Losing Kids in Family Court Drug Wars
By Cynthia L. Cooper
WeNews correspondent
Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Women across the country are often tested for drugs without consent and punished with government interventions when results are positive. Advocates say "test and report" is the "stop and frisk" of the curtained world of juvenile protection agencies.

UPDATE: This is becoming a plague. Women are crying to us to help them fight for their kids-- While at the same time they want to continue advocating for alleged "medical" Marijuana use. 
Our advice remains- CHOOSE YOUR BATTLE WISELY, because trying to do BOTH at the same time is NOT going to work.
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