By Leonard Henderson

How do I get my records from CPS?
May 18, 2010

You may never know the information
that was used to destroy your life.

That is a question people ask often.

Having been there myself, the reason I wanted the paperwork they had on me was because I HAD NO IDEA why CPS was hassling me.

In my case, I had a stepson who was in constant trouble.  Wherever he wasn't supposed to be, that's where he was, and whatever he wasn't supposed to be doing, that's what he was doing.  He was a violent and dangerous kid.

One of the stores finally got a can-full of his klepto tendencies and he was arrested.  He ended up in Juvenile.  We went to CPS for HELP and VOLUNTARILY signed one of their standard off-the-shelf Service Plans, and the little thug was off to Residential Treatment

CPS set it up so I had to go pick him up on Fridays so he could spend weekends at home and then take him back on Sunday afternoon.  This was a 200 mile round trip twice a week.  

Then one day, a "psychiatrist" at the Residential Treatment Center decided to "diagnose" the kid as "depressed" (The hell he was).  

Bear in mind that at the time I was running 3 businesses.  Seven days a week.  Seven am to midnight.  The wife was bringing me all my meals at work.  So somehow I became the guy who gave this kid a fictitious "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder".  

Suddenly the focus of attention was not on the kid's behaviors.  Our asking for help turned into an "investigation".  

It's about ME.  

Nobody would tell me what I did.  It's a secret.  I was hearing tidbits of what other people who had been "interviewed" had said.

They have the wife and I set up for "counseling" at least one day a week.  Wednesdays, as I recall.

So here I was, in the CPS meatgrinder, going to meetings with psychiatrists and "mental illness counselors" for the express reason of "identifying parenting styles that will be more appropriate in parenting Redacted".  

The CPS agent also commented that she wanted ALL OUR KIDS to "take classes" on how to get along with Redacted

One day at a meeting, the CPS agent announced that they were considering "taking custody" of the kid and going after ME for $2700 a month child support.  For a stepson whose father never paid a dime child support.

That's when I start wondering what the "he- double toothpicks" is in my file.  Whatever it is, it HAS to be untrue, because I had long ago been made aware of CPS expectations of parents (I was an employer, and went to bat for my employees against CPS as early as 1980).

I asked them what the heck I was accused of.  They acted mad that I even asked.  As if I was supposed to "get it" by osmosis.

And THAT'S WHEN I WANTED TO KNOW WHAT THE HECK WAS IN THE RECORDS, because whatever it was, it was insanely wrong and needed to be rebutted.

I hired a lawyer.  They wouldn't tell her what I had done either.  They resisted HER efforts to get the records too.  That's when I learned that before I could SUE THEM, I had to go through the "Grievance Process".

~By the way~
We severed our "voluntary"
Service Plan

I did file the Grievance, and they promptly shut the case down.  Retroactively so they wouldn't have to answer the second series of questions I had asked.

Just like that, after FOUR MONTHS of pure insane HELL from these people, it's all over.

Then I filed my FOIA/ Privacy Act request for THE PAPERWORK.

Four months later, I received about five pounds of papers.  Almost all of them were completely BLACKED OUT (That's what the word Redacted means)

So, for the question and title of this editorial "How do I get my records from CPS?", that's it File a FOIA/ Privacy Act request.

Somewhere along the line,
the CPS agent did tell me that they
were "investigating" me because 
about his "bad decisions".

There will never really be answers to your questions, because NONE of this is American Constitutional Due Process.  

These goose-stepping lying buckets of pig puke don't see it as any of your business what sort of crap they have put in your records.  

However, it appears that for the rest of your life, they WILL tell your potential employer when you are trying to get a job, such as driving a school bus.  Unlike a bad credit report, you never get to know what's in it- or rebut it..  

COMMENT on this story

"Better be wise by the misfortunes of others than by your own." --Aesop (c. 550 B.C.) legendary Greek fabulist

If CPS hasn't attacked YOUR FAMILY yet, see If you are ever approached by anyone from social services.... and WHEN THEY COME AFTER YOU

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Leonard Henderson, co-founder
American Family Rights Association
"Until Every Child Comes Home"
"The Voice of America's Families"

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